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Fethiye Yacht Charter

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Fethiye is one of the most popular holiday destinations of Turkey that is regularly visited by a significant number of luxury crewed charter yachts and motor yachts.
This popular and boutique yacht charter holiday resort lies some 135 kilometres off the south-western section of Marmaris within the province of Mugla.
It is famous for its near-perfect and busy marina. Ece Marina is the main port for our luxury charter yachts.
Fethiye is known in ancient times as Telmessos, it features an impressive fortification which is set on the hill that straddles the old city.
This old structure was a defensive position which was built by the Rhodes knights.

In addition to modern marinas, Fethiye is popular in yacht charter circles for its ancient rock tombs of Lycians. These rock formations have been carefully
and elaborately carved on the cliffs and one of the more popular rock tombs is the Amnytas tomb,
which is one of the oldest and dates back to the 4th century. There are also many other interesting sites worth exploring like the
ghost town of Kayaköy (Karmylassos) which lies over a hill overlooking the city of Fethiye.
The ghost town is today considered as a museum and also an important historical monument in the area.

Yacht Charter Holiday in Fethiye

A typical holiday in Fethiye is an exciting lesson and discovery of the rich history and cultural heritage of Turkey. Of course, when we talk about this popular
luxury yacht charter destination along the Turkish coast, impressive archaeological structures and artefacts easily come to mind.
However, Fethiye is not just about glorious history as the modern section of the holiday features dated facilities and services that you would expect
to find in a premier tourist centre in the Mediterranean. This means that you will have a diverse
selection of water activities, a wide variety of dining options and an eclectic mix of entertainment options. Even while it is considered to be
part of the mainstream holiday destinations in Turkey, majority of vacationers access this vibrant resort by water, on board charter yachts. The nearest airport
facility is the one based in Dalaman and Fethiye is generally an hour drive from this airport terminal. Arriving in Fethiye on board luxury yacht
is the more popular option, as you can access the resort from ideal ports of origin like Antalya and Marmaris.

Where to See in Fethiye

Your typical yacht charter holiday in Fethiye is a glimpse of the glorious and storied history of Turkey. The place is awash with several important archeological structures
and artifacts which are popular among mainstream tourists and seasoned yachting lovers.
This is the main reason why Fethiye is considered as virtual magnets to yacht charter crowds.
Most tourists and luxury yacht charter holidaymakers who visit Fethiye also include in their itinerary the cities of Letoon and Xanthos.
Other important attractions that you have to check out include the Roman relics of the ancient Arena in Telmessos.

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