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Travelling With Children on Private Gulets

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Travelling With Children on Private Gulets

Sailing with children in your private gulet can be a lot of fun and it is usually in the earlier years that the interest in sailing is awoken in a person. When sailing on a gulet,
children can learn a lot about the country they are sailing in, but if they are small, they can easily get bored. So, it is recommended to
take their toys, board games, a lot of snacks, some DVD's or videogames - whatever will keep them occupied. Sailing also requires a high level of safety,
so children should, at all times, wear a lifejacket while small children and non-swimmers should wear fastenable vests. Children can also get seasick and
proper clothing and avoiding an empty stomach could be of great help.

Here are the things young people do while they are on vacation on a charter yacht.

1. If youíre careful to book a charter yacht with a good selection of water-toys, the most favored activity seems to be wake boarding from the dinghy.
Look for boats that have wake-boards, wind-surfers, water skis and kayaks. If water skiing is important, check out the HP of the outboard
engine on the dinghy. If the dinghy hp is under 40, itís performance with water-skis will be suspect Ė something around 60 to 75 hp is optimal.

2. The second most popular activity seems to be snorkeling (with or without parents in tow), the thrill of exploring all the nooks and crannies underwater in the clear
waters of the Aegean is fantastic for all ages. Turkish coast has an incredible array of special places to snorkel.
Our knowledgeable and experienced yacht captain will know all these special places.

3. Exploring and hiking on land. There are so many things to do and see on the water, itís easy to forget the great stuff on land.
The ruins of ancient cities around Turkish coast. You can visit these areas during your holiday.
Most of the sea coast covered by forest and hiking the forest can be good exercises for you and your children.

4. Learning to sail and handle a boat. Most captains will be happy to let you or the kids, handle the wheel from time to time and also learn the basics of sailing, picking up a mooring ball or even anchoring.

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